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i ran fallout 3 on my computer before, it worked fine, and nothing bad happened (except for a occasional freeze which was fixed by playing it in windowed mode). That was not my copy, my friend took it back and i liked it so much i decided to buy a copy off of steam. now when i try to run it and start a new game it gets stuck before i choose my gender. i can hear all the machines and i can still press e to cry but nothing happens. also when i load a old saved game most of the characters are stuck in a single pose when moving, stuck in animation. if i talk to them they go back to normal but i cant exactly speak to super mutants running towards me with giant planks
windows vista x64
AMD phenom tri-core processor 2.1 GHz
Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT
4 gb ram
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  1. could be a bad steam install, delete local content and reinstall it.
    Btw im assuming your friend lent you a retail version. You should also know that your specs are really on the low end and i would expect problems anyway, but if you have run it before then i guess its Steam, or perhaps the 2 games had different versions and a recent patch is screwing you over.
  2. Did you completely uninstall the old version before installing the steam version? (I may be clutching at straws!)
  3. well not exactly... i dont remember exactly but i think i just deleted everything inside the place i downloaded...

    damn.. i cant believe i did that. this is a registry problem isnt it.
  4. Oh dont go messing around in there manually matey.
    Have a look on your add/remove progs list or have a look through installed progs on something like (wait for it...!) Auslogics Boostspeed and see if you can clear up the remnants. Boostspeed also has a registry cleaner / defrag option that will remove all the unwanted / unused parts.
  5. well i did that.. but now when i try to run the game it pulls out the launcher and tells me i need to install the game.
  6. Hmmm your Steam version pulls out the launcher? Cant be right....

    You still got the retail disk in the drive or something?
  7. nope.. all my drives are empty. also going directly into fallout3.exe still gives me the launcher
  8. I've got the exact same problem where the game gets "stuck" running the retail non steam version running in Windows 7 RC x64. It appears to be a scripting issue as there is a delay in the conversations.

    My specs are - i7-920, GTS 250 1GB with 6GB of DDR3 RAM

    However it works on my other computer which is about 5 years old running Windows XP 32 bit for a while and then it crashes later on. :fou: :fou:
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