Far Cry won't install!!!

I have windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit system and the game wont install.
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  1. list your specs, and explain more.
    What happens when u put the game disc in and press install?
  2. I had that trouble........... the 0's look like o's...( zeros ) ...kept getting it wrong....lol
  3. 4870 512mb
    e5200(2.5ghz dual core @800 mhz)
    4 gb @800 mhz
    550 watt ultra power supply
    Gateway MS-7399(stock Motherboard)

    I put the game in, the auto play comes up, and I click on "RunFarCryAutoCD.exe"
    then click install in the game menu
    It runs run a little, before the actual installation, and "Far Cry-Install shield" says "Run setup32.exe on 32 bit windows, or run setup64.exe on 64 bit Windows!"
    There is no setup64 file on the dvd, and there is no patch for 64-bit. I even tried all the available patches.
    I play crysis Warhead and crysis + many other games on 32-bit and it works.
  4. Do you mean the original FarCry, or FarCry2? Also, If you put the bit were you wrote,

    Far Cry-Install shield" says "Run setup32.exe on 32 bit windows, or run setup64.exe on 64 bit Windows!"

    in Google there are quite a few results to choose from, possibly a fix somewhere.
  5. Am i reading this right? Just go for 32 bit install if thats the only option available to you and Vista will emulate it...theres about 1-2fps difference between the 2.

    Apologies if i have not understood it correctly.
  6. I have this problem too and and happy to relay info that I have found out. Ubisoft made 2 different copies of the cd set. On one set you will notice that the installer says-"Setup32.exe" above the icon. On the different copy of FC,above the install icon it will say something different. If the copy you have says Setup32.exe" it will not let you install it on a 64bit OS. Its not Vista and it is not the game itself that is at fault because people run FC on Vista 64. It's the stupid installer!! So now I am trying to get my hands on one of these copies without the 32.exe and am willing to PAY. Now,I don't about the DVD of the game-if it runs on Vista64. Anyone know about this?
  7. That really sucks!!!
  8. Yes I agree. Just for the record,the original copy of the 5cd game says "Setup" above the installer icon. This copy of the game is Version 1.00.00 The re-release is Version 1.4,I believe,and has "Setup32.exe" above the icon. The original game was released in February 2004. The screwed up thing about this is that you cannot tell which version of the game is inside the case-they look the same. Only way to know if you have the correct version for 64bit OS is to load the first cd and look for "Setup" over the installer icon.
  9. I'm seeing the same exact problem. So if I'm reading this right, you need the old version of the game to run on Vista 64...

    Has anyone found any other solutions other than hunt down a old version of the game?
  10. Would it work if someone just sent you the original setup "folder" or is all throughout the discs? I have the original and would be willing to do so if that would work.
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