FS: HDD, enclosure, external hdd and desktop components

a)2.5"Seagate Momentus 7200.4 250gb (SOLD)
b)2.5" sata hdd portable enclosure Horneter usb 2.0 (SOLD)
c)2.5" sata hdd portable enclosure coolmax usb 2.0 and esata (SOLD)
d)HP simpledrive 3.5" 1tb external hdd usb 2.0
e)NZXT USB IU01 (internal usb expansion) (SOLD)
f)2x5.25" desktop LG dvd/cd r/w lightscribe (SOLD)
g) antec spot cool
h)Xigmatek HDT SD964W cpu fan
i) Ultra 3.5" bay multi fan controller (PENDING SALE) *WED ill know if it falls thru
j) sony blue ray player (SOLD)

2)All items have been used. except (E), (G), and (I) used for 1 day before taking out because i didn't need it.(F) used for a while taken out bought in october of 2010 should still have warranty. (E) bought 2 months ago still has warranty. (A) bought in 8/18/09 so still has a year and a couple months left of warranty. (J) i lost the original controller but I found a controller to be able to still work but the controller cant open the tray.(B) dont know if esata works I have no way of finding out dont have esata port . (H) no longer has 1366 bracket since i had to take it off my mobo and took off the tape to stick to the back, it has a few bent pins.


B)$7 (SOLD)
C)$10 (SOLD)
E)$17 (SOLD)
F)$13 each (SOLD)
J)$35 (SOLD)

5) I accept paypal or western union

6) All prices include shipping in the US

7) eBay Feedback Profile for 703espada09
703espada09 is my ebay account, ive bought and sold a few things here as well as in ebay.

8) No longer need any of these things, pm me if you need more pics for anything or any info. I am negotiable with prices <-- Pm if you are really interested .
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  1. sent a pm
  2. double post
  3. pm replied. Changed the op, for the items I still have available, I might add into these things OCZ 700WPSU modxstream modular, 20 LG screen 1600x900 screen, ill know later this week.
  4. well according to ebay i have to way until may1st to see if i get paid from the guy for the fan controller. Bump till then

    * Bump posts,

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