2600k Sandy Bridge, GTX 470 $1200 o/bo

I have a gaming system I built a couple of months ago, but I haven't really been using it lately so I just want to sell it and cut my losses.

Antec Three Hundred Case
Cooler Master 600w Power Supply
I7-2600k with Corsair H50 cooler I didn't try any extreme overclocking with it, I just got it to 4.2 and I was happy with it.
Gigabyte P67a-ud3p recalled version not the b3
8 GB Corsair XMS DDR3 ram
GTX 470
Vertex 2 120gb Solid State
500 GB Western Digital 7200 rpm HDD
LG DVD Burner
Windows 7 OEM

I would prefer to sell this locally, i live on the New Hampshire/Mass state line and I would be willing to travel up to two hours away on a saturday to meet you, but if needed I could sell it through paypal, make an offer.

This computer was built by me
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  1. interested in the 470, if its got an aftermarket cooler?
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