ATI's Pentium 4 RS300 is a chipset miracle

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  1. This chipset would bring more and more fanboys together. Later on we'll see two groups of fanboys: one is Intel CPU with ATi chipset mobo + Radeon series graphic card combo; another is AMD CPU with nVidia chipset mobo + GeForce series graphic card combo. The world is getting better and better...

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  2. The good thing is that ATI has everyone hooked with R9700 Pro and R9800 and nVidia has been having some trouble... So ATI has shown they have respectable technical expertise. If they can deliver a good chipset (much like the nForce) for the P4, then that would do wonders to the market! And to us, consumers, of course. :smile:
  3. The AMD group will always win, because they are getting an audio solution "better than Audigy2" with nForce2 for almost free!

    I don't think ATI will make a great success in chipset market, even if they can offer a good chipset at lower cost. Because:-

    #1) There's Intel chipsets for Intel CPU's. They are fast and stable.

    #2) Average joes and corporate cowards are always ready to buy Intel without a bit thinking. ATI won't have this kind of luck.

    #3) In enthusiast market, there's many Intel fanboys who are also nVidia fanboy.

    #4) They don't have anything like "nForce APU"to hunt some customer. ATI onboard audio is nothing special, it's just plain AC97 audio.

    Situations were lot better for nVidia. AMD doesn't want to make chipsets, most of the AMD buyers doesn't buy AMD chipset based mobos blindly, nForce APU is simply SWEET.

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  4. cross deal in 2000.

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