Gaming router suggestions?

i currently have this router at the moment [...] _Id=203415

but the problem is im always getting dropped i play games like counterstrike:source, team fortress 2 ,and unreal tournament 3. I cant play sometimes for 3 minutes at a time without getting serious lag or just getting dropped its very very annoying and frustrating. i know that it is the router because i have plugged my computer directly into the modem and have no problems but i cant do that all of the time because my mom, brother, and dad use the internet also. so i was thinking about getting this one, [...] 4300%20dgl

I figure it'll help with the games i was also looking at this one [...] 4500%20dgl

the problem is that all of the laptops in out home have wireless g cards and the router shown above is wireless n and im not sure it'll work. I myself use a laptop for gaming but i use a Ethernet connection not a wireless.

I know that the lag does not come from the my computer (4 gigs of ddr2, nvidia 9600m gs 1gb graphics card and a 2.26 ghz dual core processor)

also if you have any other suggestions on a router please share

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  1. Not sure on what router to use mate but I can tell you your prob straight off if you are using wireless. DONT!
    Lol, I used to run a wireless connection for my games and got constant lag, dropped connections, high pings etc etc, (nothing more frustrating than crashing a packed blackhawk in bf2 and getting loadsa tk's) So I switched to wired CAT5 and immediately my ping rate improved, I didnt drop from games and lag became non existant. If you dont want to string a big fat cable through your house (I find 20m does the job nicely) I suggest you look for a 200mbs powerline kit.
  2. Check out the sitecom wl-308
  3. doh! next time i will have a coffee b4 answering a post, u already use ethernet.....
    My mate swears by 2-wire products.
  4. As a side note your PC will have some issue with UT3 i suspect, its a pretty ropey game at that spec
  5. I never put much thought into routers, I use some junky, 20 dollar discounted netgear router, never had any problems with online games.
  6. Dlink DIR-655. I upgraded my old Wireless G router to the model I just stated. Even though my wireless G router had a high gain antennae that was wall mounted my new router still blows it out the water. For my PC I keep it connected (gigabit port on router and computer). My PS3 and Xbox 360 are on the opposite sides of my apartment as the router. With my old router my signal strength hovered around 75%, with the new router it never drops below 95% usually staying at 100%. I never have trouble playing any games even though I constantly have multiple wireless devices connected and my computer running as a full time media server. (PS3, Xbox 360, Pocket PC cell phone, 2 Laptops all connected wireless), 2 desktop computers and sometimes another laptop connected thru the wired ports.
  7. i just got the sitecom wl-308 from the uk (overclockers uk) and its easy setup u will need a converter plug but is fast and no problems so far -looks cool as well
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