A lot of corrupted files

I just installed Win 7 on my brand new rig and I have some strange issues. A lot of programs and games won't install because some files (from the installation package) are corrupted.

It happens to:
- Armed Assault 2
- Armed Assault 2: Operation Arrowhead
- Battle Field Bad company 2

I bough the games online and tried to re-download them but it does not help. I had no problems installing them on my older PC.

It's kind of strange isn't it ?

After assembling the PC I did not install any drivers except the graphic drivers. All hardware is recognized. The OS seems to be stable

Any ideas ?

EDIT: After 5 retries of installation of Battlefield, it finally worked. That shows that the problem is not in the installation files. The other program still not working.

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  1. Could you provide an exact error message from one of the installers?
  2. This is german

    But it means "Error while copying the data. File is corrupted."

    AVG went now also through but it was before saying a similar message. Something with .cab file corruption.

    If I have more exact messages I will post them

  3. Installation of Arma2:

  4. Battlefiled:

  5. Hello again,
    I can now confirm that sometimes when I execute a file it reports an "corrupt" error. And then if I execute it again, it works. So I would say there is something with the hard disk.

    I also get sometimes a BSOD reporting a "bad_pool_header". I googled for it and it kind of confirm that there is something with the sata controller. See here.

    In the link they say that a solution could be to update my chipset drivers but I'm not sure what that is. I have a Asus P7P55D Pro motherboard with an Intel i7 CPU. Could anyoe point me to the drivers that I should install/update ?

    Edit, ok I will install the "Chipset" and "Sata" drivers that are in the "Dowanload" section of that link.

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    I think the drivers solved the problem. I anyway had to send my motherboard back because of this problem but this "corrupted" errors were gone.

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