Can anyone get BF2 to work on Vista64?

So I bought a new laptop: Gateway FX, dual 2.26ghz, 4gig ram, 1gig video (all ddr3) and 320gb 7200 hard drive. I tried installing BF2 on my laptop because, in my opinion, it is the most awesome shooter game! I've been playing for about 4 yrs now. Anyway, when I try to install the game on the laptop I can't get to the next step after inserting install disc3. Also, I tried to download the 1.41 patch and it got all the way to the end and then said, "cannot find install folder" and quit on me. I know BF2 was made for XP32, but I've heard that some people have gotten it to work on Vista64. Any suggestions out there? I'm not a techie, so you'll have to speak english to me. If you have any suggestions, please send them my way! Thanks!

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  1. yep, got it installed and working, vista HP 64
  2. it works fine for me...odds are the disk went bad. Re-install until it finishes properly.
  3. I did want to edit to make a slightly more ehlpful reply, but I did nothing to make it work ok, just installed it, updated punkbuster, thats it.
  4. Me to. Install, Update, Update punkbuster (why it can't stay up to date is beyond me), play.
  5. I also Have a Gateway FX laptop with the same specs., as lil-schittl, and I too am unable to get passed the third cd on installation of bf2. It seems to freeze up and does not complete the installation, which also leaves no desktop icons. I also get a message that patch 1.41 was not installed because it was unable to find bf2 folder. I am able to start the game but without patch 1.41 installed, so that would just leave me with single player games. I also tried to reinstall, but the problem kept reoccuring. My desktop is also a 64 bit vista and it installed completely with minor problems, due to compatiblity that were later resolved. Please if anyone has a solution please post. Thank you.
  6. you don't have a size limit on your OS partition do you that you are running up against?
  7. Has anybody run in to problems with vista 64 and bf2 I've got a few
    #1 hard time changing keyboard settings
    #2 very slow loading maps + joining servers
    #3 very slow to quit game
    #4 can't get voip to work
    I-7 cpu
    640 gig H/D
    6 gigs of ram
    ATI 4670 video card
  8. Well , i used to play bf2 just fine with my xp , but after i installed vista i cant play it ,
    it just crash after the map loading
  9. 13thmonkey said:
    you don't have a size limit on your OS partition do you that you are running up against?

    no size limit that I know of. I'm still having issues though. I've heard that the new 1.5 patch will work with Vista, but i can't get past the "can't find install folder" issue.
  10. BF2 is a worthless peice of *** game. I had issues with it at launch . I bought it for 20 bucks about 2 years ago after i threw my original game in the trash about a year prior. I installed the game fine and played it for 3 days on Vista 64 then all of a sudden the game wouldnt launch. I even reinsalled it and made sure there wasnt a patch or something that i missed. Its coded like *** and is just a marketing scheme. All BF2 and BF2142 is , is what ran down the crack of its 2 previous titles asses.
  11. Have you tried running the setup.exe when you install in compatibility with windows xp?
    not sure if that will work though, but it does work for me with several games (like red alert 1... lol)
  12. Guys, no compatability settings are needed; Heck, I have yet to find a single game that compatability mode is needed for...

    BF2 should install fine; I have it running on 7 64, and used it on Vista 64 without issue.
  13. Welp, I must be doomed. My game will not load on my new laptop. I've tried several times and it can never find the install folder. It's a bummer because I like playing it.
    Anybody know of any other games that are similar to BF2?
  14. Wow MGDJoker, you sound like a real winner. Your comment answered all of my issues, thanks! I can't believe I've spent the last 5 years playing a piece of **** game. What was I thinking? I feel like an idiot...

    Jerk! Go post your crack issues somewhere else. No one needs your comments on here.
  15. I added the directory like most of you suggested and that actually allowed me to download patch 1.41 and 1.5. But now when I try to join a server, the map will connect to 100% and then stop. The music will start skipping like a bad cd and the game will not proceed any further. I have to ctrl+alt+delete to get out of it. Any tips on that?

    How do you update Punkbuster?
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