Crysis- havent seen an answer to this one yet

Ok, installed crysis, patched, drivers are updated, vista is updated, game runs fine fr a while then DURING GAMEPLAY the game automatically switches from full screen to windowed, and i have to alt enter full screen mode every 10 minutes or so. DX10 X64 modes
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  1. Ummmm.... weird. No idea.
  2. thanls lol
    ok one more thing, RETAIL version, reinstalled 3 times, makes no difference
  3. This was an issue a while back and I did read it on this site. However, I know it's almost impossible to find things after they've been here a while. Try Googling it. There was an answer.
  4. yeah, ut3 no probs, dead space no probs, fear 2... recent games even
    also 8800gts 512 DC 2.1ghz (i know its a lil slow) 4GB ddr2
  5. Do you have software for your keyboard running.
    May it is a odd key combo thats doing it.
  6. it could be a piece of software in teh back ground activating the window mode.
    i had a similar prob whith race driver grid and windows XP firewall,
    although never had it with the Vista firewall.
  7. nope, microsoft drivers, and i use the 360 wireless controler
    and grid runs great (fun game!!)
  8. Its a problem with crysis they released a 40 mb patch to fix it.
  9. where im patched all the way i believe... 1.2.1? or is there a new one?
  10. no answers?
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