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Does anyone know of any reviews on the mobo manufacturers and how to go about choosing one brand over another?

I'm looking at buying one of the new 875P mobos that are coming out and I'm trying to decypher what brand would be best and so forth. Some of the manufacturers seem to include their own proprietary features among the standard features. I'm really trying to figure out who would be best and what features are most desirable.

From what I can tell on the 875P chipset and the current boards, a lot of them offer all the same features. So, I'm trying to widdle down which brand to go for.

You gurus have any good places to read about this or any matrixes out there that go over differences of manufacturers?

So far, I'm considering MSI, ASUS, Abit & Gigabyte. Leaning towards the MSI the most based on some review I have read.

Thoughts??? Thanks so much! I'm learning a ton!

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  1. Actually you shouldn't look at brand name only while making choices. Every manufacturers will have good and bad product, Asus or MSI don't always produce good mobo. The one you should focus on is the product itself. All the mobo reviews is based on the specific model, because when a manufacturer makes good i845PE mobo doesn't mean that they also manufacture good i875P mobo. Read the reviews on specific model but don't look at brand name. A good product not neccesarily be a branded product.

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  2. Good point TKH. In fact, I was just making a list of all of the 875P mobos that I know about so far and going to create my own matrix and see what i can decypher between all of these. Again, from what I can tell, the features are pretty much standard except the manufacturers seem to put some of their own tidbits in there as well......

    so far, it looks like i'm going to spend several hours or days trying to find the "right" one (if there really is one!).

    Thanks again TKH - have a good one.

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