Resident evil 4 help.

i have a small problem. i installed the game but then it ask for the correct cd rom. my friend then said i must download a crack or patch to make it work! the thing that is bugging me is every site you go into is full of porn and other crap!! dont you guys maybe know were can i maybe safely download patches?

i have the game for a year now, i dont know if it is maybe out dated?
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  1. i haven't played RE4 in PC.. did you download it?..
  2. no i havent downloaded it, it is a dvd game i bought at a feamarket about a year ago. i installed the game and it didnt worked. i didnt returned the game cause it was far from home. there is no crack or patch on the cd itself that is why i want to download it but i dont know were and if it is safe...
  3. I played resident evil 4 on iso just fine. It could be your hard drive/dvd-drive setup. Sometimes games,especially old games, are directed to read from drive d only, the letter of the drive matters, change your dvd-drive letter to d through the control panel. If that doesn't work, it's probably has a defect, it happens.

    As far as I know there is no crack to unlock resident evil 4 on the official gamebox, however, there is a no-cd crack that allows you to play the game without leaving the dvd disc inside the dvd-drive, a simple google will take you where you need to look. Burning the cd to iso and running it with alcohol 120 is basically the same thing, without having to download from unknown websites.
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