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Hey ive been meaning to go and get crysis warhead but just havent had the chance what kinda fps should i expect on it?
cpu amd4400x2
gpu xfx gts20
ram 2gb ddr2
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  1. What operating system are you on?
    What resolution and graphics settings do you expect to be playing with?
    What graphics card have you? There's no such thing as an XFX GTS20, I'm guessing there's a number missing there.

    Need more info before we can help you.
  2. yeah my bad its on vista premium probably 1440 by 900 i think probably high settings at least and its an XFX GTS 250
  3. It'll struggle on high because of a lack of RAM (Vista is very ram hungry, 2gb runs vista well but doesn't leave much for gaming)
  4. alright thanks i'm probably due to upgrade my ram anyway
  5. You can get a 5800x2 for around $65
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