BIOS flash = slower startup?!

Hey guys. Here's the deal. The motherboard I have is a Gigabyte 7vrx and for the first time ever (because I am planning on upgrading the cpu) I decided to flash the BIOS to version F7. This isn't really a problem, but an annoyance rather. It typically took my computer about 45 seconds to start up and now it takes atleast over 2 minutes. Everything loads fine and then it hangs on a black screen for quite a while and eventually the welcome screen in win xp comes up. Don't get me wrong everything works fine, but do you know why my startup got so much slower after the BIOS flash?? Thanks for any replies.
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  1. Did you go through the BIOS and re-do the setup after you flashed it?

    It's likely everything was reset to default.

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  2. I'm assuming when you say, "re-do the setup" that you mean make sure the settings are the way I had them originally? Because I've changed all the settings to the way they were, but still no luck.
  3. You got onboard LAN? if you have, try disabling that. It's usually a real killer on bootup...

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