nForce2 versus the SiS748

is there a site that compares the two ? Since noone seems to know when the KT 600 is coming out, I may just end up getting the SiS748 if it is any better than the nForce 2. (I have nothing against the nForce 2, it's just that I'd appreciate it if Nvidia made an updated nForce 3 or something for the Athlon XP)

Thanks for any information on the subject.
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  1. Huh?
    The nForce2 <i>is</i> for the Athlon XP. The chipset only appeared about 5 months ago! And the nForce3 has been announced; it's nVidia's first 64-bit solution!
    Seriously, the nForce2 is the hottest AMD chipset available today, particularly since a bit of research can <A HREF="" target="_new">save you the cost of a soundcard!</A> Just make sure that the manufacturer has implemented all the APU features (look for <i>Soundstorm</i> or read the specs - Asus A7N8X-DX has full implemantation, but no certification yet). Oh, and as for putting my money where my mouth is, I have an A7N8X-DX with an Athlon 900 and PCI video! A basic mobo plus mediocre sound was the same price as this board was, so I went with it!
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