FS: Intel E210882 478 Socket Mobo (As is in picture)

Hey, I'm RedAwsomeness. I got a (what I believe to be) Gateway F-4000, I ripped it apart and I am now going to be using it as a gaming computer (the case). I have already purchased all the right parts and have made sure they will fit in my case (I have not bought the graphics card or the cpu yet though haha, bit more $$$ to go). So I have decided that I might as well see what kind of price I can get for the parts that were in there.

These are some pictures (They are big, so I have only given the links, because I don't want the forum to look all spammed up):

Just bid prices here on what you want (if that is against the rules, I am sorry, just post here saying that and I will try to get a price).

Also, I can give you the whole computer (minus the case and hard drive), if you would like. So please post if you would like to do that.

The entire build included:

This motherboard
Some Audigy Sound Card
Some Broadcom Modem/Telephone Wire Connector Card
Nvidia N1996
Infineon 512 MB DDR, 166MHz RAM
160w Power Supply (IDE)
Basic DVD Drive (IDE)
Floppy Reader (IDE)
All the IDE wires that came in this build.

If you want any of those parts also, please post here. I can take pictures of them to if needed.
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