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I presently have an older Asus A7V133 motherboard with the promise chip “PDC20265R” that has the RAID capability. I used RAID 0. I have two 40G hard drive.

My Question is. I have to change to a newer motherboard but keep the same two hard drives and all of the information that are on it. If I get a newer motherboard that has RAID 0 capability with the promise chip, will it work ok with the two hard drives that I had previously? Will I be able to make the switch with out having to format my two hard drives and start all over again?
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  1. It should work as long as the new RAID controller is the same chipset

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  2. Your looking for some trouble that way. When you change a MOBO you need to do a clean install of the OS to get all the old stuff out & the new stuff in. You can do it the way you said, but most likely you'll end up with problems that you can't troubleshoot because the OS is confused. If you need to keep the data on the HDD's. Back it up & reload it after the clean install.

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  3. agree with rcpilot. I was going on the assumption that you knew about that, and still needed to do it that way. If you MUST keep the drives intact, the best way to accomplish it is to boot into safe mode and delete the drivers that were associated with the old board, then reboot and install the new drivers.

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  4. The thing is, my motherboard doesn’t work any more. It’s about two years old “Asus A7V133 with RAID”. I have my two hard drives setup on RAID 0 and my hard drives are partition into 4 drives. 3 of those have os “win me; win xp; win 2000 pro” and one of them is used for mass storage.

    If I have to format my operating systems, that would be ok, but I don’t want to lose the info on the mass storage. Since my motherboard is not working no more, I cant make a recent backup of my hard drive. I was kind of hoping that the promise chip is a standard thing on all the raid motherboards.

    I’m in the process of buying a new mother board. What raid motherboard would you recommend?

    I had my eye on the MSI
    K7N2 Delta-ILSR

    Thanks for your valuable info
  5. Boy, your between a rock & a hard place then. jlanka gave you one way of doing it. You can do a repair with XP instead of install. I've heard of good results with that also. If I were you though I'd get it up long enough to make back ups. Once backed up, I'd reformat & do a clean install then.

    I got a friend of mine that runs just about like you, several OS's & partitions. I went through it with him 3 weeks ago. He got it going on his own by repairing his XP OS. He was all happy. Saw him the next week & he'd reformatted & reinstalled. Said he just couldn't get it stable & after messing for days on it finally gave up. So I learned this by watching him.

    I really don;t run RAID myself.

    If it ain't broke, take it apart & see why not!
  6. thanks for the info, rcpilot. :)
  7. could try getting a raid card with the same promise IC on board, it'd just be a simple matter of booting into the raid bios and rebuilding the raid array which would take a jiffy. Also you'd be able to choose any mobo you liked.

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  8. i think any raid chip will recognise the raid set. it will just be a foriegn volume, then you just import it and it should be fine

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