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I have recently tried the p4sdx mb, and to no avail have been able to tweak out the video where it will work on Q3. To me it seems like something is causing a bottleneck. The sys is a P4 2.53, nv4200, 2/256ddr. I tried a 3com nic also as last resort to see if it was a networking problem. Tried a number of settings in the bios, ver 1002, the agp 114,115, and even tried the 113 drivers. Otherwise it seems to work ok and is fast. My other system, with the same vid crd works well, using a p4 2.23, 845E chipset, with same vid crd, Realtek LOM. I am about ready to box it up and RMA it. Any suggestions.
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  1. Load the chipset drivers first, then the video card drivers.

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