Selling My Custom Built Computer Just Built $575

brand new custom built computer just built on 04/30/2011

Here are the specs

Core i3 2nd gen sandy bridge

4 gigs of ram

Cooler Master 922 HAF-Front Lights Up Red :)

500gb western digital caviar black 7200/32mb

EVGA GeForce210 with VGA,HDMI,And DVI

ASUS P8H67-M LE Motherboard with 2 usb 3.0 4 usb2.0 HDMI,DVI,And VGA

ULTRA X4 Fully Modular 500 Watt power supply

Windows 7 Professional

ALL FOR 575$ us
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  1. For others sake would you mind posting a asking price?
  2. "3. Topic subject must include item summary and price. Subject line must be descriptive of the item, and not require clicking to view the offer ( i.e. avoid "best deal today" as the subject)"

    I'd hate to see your post deleted tomorrow. Please udpate it.
  3. 575
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