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I have a tyan tiger mp with dual 1800amd's and and enermax 400w power supply. The tyan comes with a software monitoring package. I am receiving a notification that "the -12v is under the low threshold" warning. The threshold is -13v and the reading is -13.75. The 5 volt is barely over the low threshold of 4.7 at 4.734. There do not seem to be any operational issues, but can anyone tell me if i am looking at a long term problem and if so any suggestions?
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  1. I've got the same board (Tiger MP w/dual XP1700+) and my voltage indicates similar to yours. I'm reading -12.9 and +4.7 volts. I run this rig 24/7 and it never hiccups. Not a problem! There should be a threshold setting (in BIOS?) to disable that warning message you're getting.

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  2. For proper operation and to prevent things from going up in smoke, you should try to keep your voltages within plus or minus 5% of the ideals...

    It may be that the motherboard sensors are a bit inaccurate, but if you have warnings going off that should be a signal to get someone in there with an accurate Voltmeter to make sure things are OK.

    The alternative could be damaged parts.

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