Nostradamus the last profecy

I am stuck making the aphrodisiac with the mandrake berries. I follow the reciepe but she always says after I try to put the berries into the pot that they need to be prepared a special way. All of the walkthoughs just say add berries. Any help please post or email to
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  1. You wont need the receipe until around Nov. 2012
    But the reciepe says to divide the berries, so half now and half in 2012.

    It doesnt mention it but should also include oysters and onions.
    It sounds funny at first but combine that with a bit of tequila and your friend cant resist you.

    Ps I think they mean to ferment them in a bottle with a ballon on top.
  2. Does this have anything to do with the game?
  3. i thought this is Nostradamus the last profecy?.. hahaha..
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