[SOLD]reference 5870 crossfire setup 320 obo including shipping

I have a pair of 5870's, one xfx and one HIS with zalman vf3000a coolers on them. Idle temps in my system are low 30's load 60's while on the lowest fan speed and they are super quiet. I have upgraded my cards and no longer need them. They have never been overclocked and work flawless. Please be aware that these cards with the aftermarket coolers on them take up 3 slots each! but if you have room for them they are great and run super cool and quiet. U can google the coolers and see reviews of how awesome they are. These cards in my system run crysis warhead with everything maxed out. at 50-75 fps at 1080P! I have a I7 930 at 4Ghz.
Paypal only please.
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