Weird Sounds from inside the case

Hi all, I have just built my new pc.
80gig WD HDD
Ti 4800SE
512 DDR 2100

And well it all works fine, but everytime there is HDD access, even at the slightess, I can hear a almost "buzzing" noise inside. It then stops. Also, if I put my ear to the side of the pc and move my mouse around, it makes the same noise!!!


anyone help me :)

I have updated bios and still no luck.
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  1. Try unplugging your system speaker and see if it stops... If it does leave it unplugged. You dont really need it except for POST and to beep at you when you press too much [-peep-] at once

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  2. yea its not the speaker, it sound like electricy flowing when I move my mouse or theres any activity happending. I mean teh system is stable and working but just weird this sound
  3. All you need are some tools to fix this:

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    2)Gallon o'holy water
    3)One extra large crucifix.

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  4. It sounds like feedback from a bus into the speaker. Try unplugging the speaker and see if it goes away.

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  5. From what I can see I have all the speakers unplugged. Could it be the video card? I have read posts about the cards making a buzzing noise.
  6. Probably not if it makes that noise when you move the mouse. Are you certain the internal system speaker is disconnected, and it still makes that noise?

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  7. You got any temperature controlled fans in there... maybe in your power supply?

    It could just be the added CPU load of wiggling the mouse or accessing a hard disk is causing it to spin up a bit. If that fan is even a little bit off balance there will be some speed at which the vibration will be noticeable.

    The fan in my power supply makes a rushing noise, for all the world like a cat hissing, when I get my system nice and busy. Caught me off guard the first time too...

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  8. There is no controlled fans what so ever.
    I have replaced everything in there case, even cables. Same buzzing noise when theres a lot of activity. Also, what should my voltages be in the bios? its at 1.5v now

    Could it be something witht that. I have a 350watt powersupply
  9. Also, it happends in the BIOS aswell. I can hear little computer type beeps. More so in windows though
  10. OK I figured it out!
    If I change the FSB to 133, 166 I get the noises!~!
    If I keep it at 100 its fine!!

    This is Bullshit!! How the hell am I suppose to use this to the best of its performance if its making noises at me. God Dammit!

    Anyone have any ideas
  11. Ok... exactly where is this beeping sound coming from?

    Is it from the speaker or from some component?

    If it's from the speaker... it might be any number of things, including a temperature warning... check everything make sure you've got the heatsink on right, CPU seated correctly in the socket, wiring connections solid etc. (I know you've already done some of this, but it can't hurt to do it again)

    If it's not a deliberate warning, you've got a bad sub-assembly in there someplace... If the noise persists after being sure all your voltages, temperatures etc are good, isolate it to the noisey board and get it replaced under warranty.

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