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I have a couple Q1CK ES Intel I7 Cpus. Anyone have an idea how much they are worth? Willing to take offers.
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  1. The i7-965 is listed for $550 on Amazon, $1000 elsewhere, but I wouldn't recommend buying one for more than an i7-2600K, which is $330. The i7-2600K matches or beats it in performance in pretty much every way.

    I already have an i7-930 so I personally wouldn't pay more than $200 for it, which would be ripping you off if you actually sold it to me for that.
  2. And ES sample still belong to Intel. Some sites is illegal to Sell ES samples
  3. Good to know. The proposition sounded worthy of some skepticism to begin with.
  4. The chips were purchased from a defunct server company. All assets we legally obtained. No skepticism required. I'm just trying to find a fair price for them so that the chips might be used instead of being recycled.
  5. Personally I would try eBay. A lot of the forums where you might get interest in them (AnandTech, HardForum, etc.) do prohibit the sale of all engineering samples (regardless of how they were acquired. They are somewhat of collectors items though. I'd consider buying one but I lack the money since I upgraded my PC recently :(
  6. My statements still stand as far as if they're i7-965EE's they are sold at $550 on Amazon (which you can try) and $1000 elsewhere.

    I'd still pay $200 for an i7-965EE, which would pretty much be ripping you off, but it's not a huge upgrade from my current i7-930.
  7. I agree that 1000 is an outrageous price for a 965EE, which is why I was asking the community what a fair price might be. I would certainly sell these chips for 200 each and not feel taken advantage of since things are only worth what people are willing to pay for them.

    Judging by the reaction so far I'll offer the chips for 200 obo. I have at least 10 of them so don't hesitate to ask for multiples of them.

    Thanks for reading and have a great day
  8. Sorry about saying I'd pay $200 for it. I thought I would, but I'd have to be able to sell my i7-930 for $175 (including shipping) to make it worth it, and even then it might not be worth the hassle. That and I'm not sure how reliable a secondhand purchase is. So it's just a lot of trouble for maybe ~5% improvement IF I do tasks that are CPU bottlenecked.

    Also, the i7-965 is probably not D0 stepping like my 930 and, from what I can tell, won't go that much higher than 4.0GHz, which I can hit with my 930.

    Try ebay though and/or look for people doing new builds. If I didn't already have a CPU, it'd be an intriguing purchase.
  9. Thanks for the replies dalauder. I wasn't refering specifically to you when I mentioned 200, but if even this is to high, for the reasons that you mentioned, 150 is a good price as well. I have 2 i7 systems myself and the 965ee will run at 4ghz with a lower fsb due to the unlocked multiplier but it is not capable of really surpassing my 920 overclocked to 3.8ghz. Nonetheless they are still reasonably powerful and i have been able to get 4.5 out of the 965 while passing prime for over an hour, the heat is a little excessive though.
  10. PM sent
  11. I'm interested
  12. still have these bad boys? PM sent
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