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Hey guys,
So I am sure this has been asked before but I couldn't find it using the search function. So I bought a 130 dollar 19" Acer 1680x1050 monitor off NewEgg and was PUMPED to use it with my new system that I just built (Q6600, Radeon HD 4870 1GB). However, when I use anything that involves a large amount of dark colors, it looks like I am looking at a crappy projection TV or a laptop screen form the side i.e. the dark colors are almost entirely blended together and as I play CS:S where any enclosed areas are mostly dark, I have a serious problem! The weird part is, I can view every single color that my monitor is supposed to generate while looking at the screen from 120 degree angles or further (aka looking at it waaaay from the side!) and the picture looks perfect from that angle! I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this problem and if there was a way to fix it.

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  1. It's FAULTY! Send it back.

  2. Seconded on the faulty call. Sounds like something hasnt been assembled in the correct orientation as usually you get the color dimming/blending thing when viewing at an off-the-side angle not the other way round.
  3. Thanks for the responses, guys! I've had this monitor since late January, would they still take it back? I just thought that since I scrimped on the monitor, that was how it ran.

  4. One more thing...I bought it from NewEgg
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