K, i,M A buyin a new pc as I was 8 months ago but had 2 put it off, as its a lot more benificial 2 biuld ya own i,m wonderin what I should b lookin at. I was gion 4 a rambus 1066/850e type thing back then, not tempted by ddr at all but now well mmh..... the nForce ramped up to 200 ?, a new sis bourd, I forget the model......higher speed than 1066 thing.......or what !....I think most people understand what I,m asking so appreciated answers would be......
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  1. These days motherboards with the new canterwood chipset are the best option for intel systems. But because they just came out it's difficult to determine which canterwood motherboard is the best choice.
  2. thanx prof I,m certainly keepin an eye on the canterwood stuff I,m just wonderin about rambus and how much negative hype in the industry is a factor in choosing a bourd, I know Intel will come to the plate in time or even now, it`s just I want the best bourd 4 my bucks and that will always be a factor......S.
  3. Now that canterwood motherboards are out, I don't really see a place for RDRAM based solutions. Dual-Channel DDR is dominating the scene at this point. I would look at springdale (865PE/G) as a low-cost alternative. Boards will cost only about $100. Or you could go with AMD Athlon XP 1700+ TBred-B and an nforce2 board and overclock it. Wouldn't cost that much and much potential performance.
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