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Well last night I was downloading some fansubs when all the sudden I get this error. My computer locks up and I had to forceably restart. The boot screen loaded fine, but after that a blue screen flashed and my computer restarted.

It doesn't boot with any of the boot methods. And when I tried to install windows again it just hung there while it was trying to load the setup screen that shows you all the partions and stuff.

Right now I am using the same computer but with Suse 9.1, does anyone know if there is anything I can do?

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  1. Did you do a full format of your HDD before you reinstall windows? It could have bad partition in your HDD that cause it to hang. Check your other hardware as well and see if anything is loosen.

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  2. You can try to install the Recovery Console, and use this to repair the installation:

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  3. It's a darned shame that you didn't post the question when this happened. Now we might have real trouble finding the bad guy.

    What you need to do now is to try to reinstall Windows XP if you wiped it out. I'd certainly reformat the drive for Windows. Hopefully you'll get it installed. If it doesn't work right after reinstall, then write here again BEFORE you wipe out the evidence.

    The thing you should have done was boot to Safe mode, hit Windows+Pause to open the system properties, Open Advanced / Startup & Recovery - Settings, then switch off the checkbox that says 'Automatically Restart".

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  4. Well thanks for the help here is an update:

    I shoved the hard drive into my firewire enclosure and checked out the drive on my moms laptop. This whatever it was totally destroyed my file system. Is it possible for something to totally waste you file system in a matter of thirty seconds or less.

    The problem with that safemode pause thing was that my computer completely died sorta. I couldn't get to the task manager just showed a blank desktop and I was too impatient to wait for it.

    Is it also possible for the same thing to just totally kill my hard drive? cuz I am having extreme difficulties trying to get this thing formatted. Any ideas on how I could format it better.

    And I am going to do my best effort to find out who did this. And I will seek my revenge somehow. I really don't have a leg to stand on since what I was downloading was TECHNICALLY illegal.

    Oh yeah this will at least teach me a lesson on backing up my stuff. I lost all the files for my website. Hopefully I will manage though. But I did loose a review I hadn't posted yet so I have to right that again.

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  5. Unfortunately, it's not only possible, but all too easy. From what you're saying, it's going to be better for you to repartition the drive before formatting. If you can get hold of a Windows 98SE or Windows ME boot rescue disk. It will have the FDISK utility on it. You'll boot with the floppy (write-protected, of course) and use that tto repartition the drive. It will wipe out everything on the drive, but that's your safest way to go right now.

    Once you have the drive repartitioned, boot from the XP CD and use it to format and install the OS. If for some reason the repartition doesn't solve the problem, then go to your hard drive's vendor site and download a low-level formatting utility to run first. That will wipe out ANYTHING.

    As for finding out who did it, it might be a lost cause. Anyone could have slipped the software onto your system while you're online. Or you could have been hit by a worm. Hopefully you're smart enough to run a firewall and anti-virus software at the least.

    Now, in the future, you really need two layers of protection if the stuff you do is worth saving- first off, a drive imager to save the current state of your drive at any time. Preferrably one that can be set up to run on a schedule. Second, you need a regular scheduled backup program to back up critical data. I run mine during the night when I'm usually asleep. That way I never have to worry about anything but a total system meltdown (which is where my UPS comes in). Oh, yeah, please keep the backups on CD-RW, since the kind of thing that ate your system won't leave your backup files alone!

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  6. Well here is the situation I ordered a new hard drive with less space but simular to my last one.

    Right now I am just waiting for the UPS and FEDEX people to knock on the door and deliver DOOM III and my hard drive.

    Then I can quickly get XP setup and begin to play :)

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