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hi guys. ive come here as a last resort. my system was working fine until i tried to install a new 8o gig drive on it. after that it would give me one long beep and threee short beeps. at that time i was using a recently installed pny verto geforce ti200 card. i then replaced the card with my old ati rage 128 card.also replaced the new hd with the old 10 gig one. then i got one short beep and no post video at all..monitor in stanby mode..i then tried the monitor with another system and it worked fine..what could be the problem here??..memory , processor? power?.i also tried to start the system with the basic components and still just the one short beep but no video.both video cards are agp and were installed in 2.0 compliant slots. here is my current system config

P3 500 SLOT 1 (always get this wrong 1 or A ;-))
384 sdram pc 100
10 gig wd drive
ati rage 128 OR pny verto ti200 gforce 3
250w pw supply

there must be somethign im missing here...a jumper or board shorted? any advice will be appreciated..ty :)
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  1. One long and three short beeps usually means graphics card problem. One short beep indicates the POST is ok. Since you got no video, I would guess the problem is in the mobo, probably with the AGP port.
  2. Alright, there's a few things i notice right off hand. The first being a 250W power supply, that's simply not enough
    of a power supply for this setup. Secondly, did you reset your cmos? There should be a jumper for this, locate it and reset it. Thirdly, do you have another computer you can try those video cards in?
  3. noted on the power supply, ty. there isnt a jumper but two soldering points on the do i short those and whats the procedure? do i short and hold..then turn on , turn off then release? upon closer inspection i have found out that one of the pins in the AGP slot is bent down ..its lose from point a but still in point b..i think this might be my problem from the start. can i fix that pin and reuse that slot in anyway?..i think ati card has a smaller bandwith thats why im getting one beep and no video but with the bigger more powerful ti200 i was getting one long and three short..i think this pin might be the source of this..when i bought my new hard drive i took the ti200 out of the slot to isntall the new drive..i guess i dont know my own strength :-O. also if this pin isnt the problem then maybe i need a new pw supply because the board might not be getting enough power..the only thing ive tested is the monitor so far and it works..dont have a test bed for other stuff..sorry for the lengty posts..hope this helps someone else having the same problems.. cheers! :)
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