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I'm looking forward to playing 2003/2004 games that'll certainly demand computing power. Therefore, I am looking for a good, reliable and cheap mb that'll have the following specs:

pc2700 ddr memory
athlon xp 2200 / FSB 333
usb 2.0
agp 8x
ata 133

Targets: asus a7v333 and a7v333x.

1. Is agp pro = agp 8x?
2. What harwdware devices take advantage of usb 2.0? webcams?
3. Is there a revision of Athlon XP 2200 taht operates at fsb 333?
4. I have a 40gb 7200rpm HD. Will it be faster on ata133
than on ata100?

Thank you in advance for your comments.

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  1. 1.) No, read the first post in this forum, titled "...FAQ..."
    2.) Not webcams yet, things like external hard drives and some CDRW or DVD drives
    3.) Not that I know of
    4.) No

    I would suggest getting a sub-$100 nForce2 board, I think MSI and Epox have them.

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