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increase my bandwidth?

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July 13, 2002 12:36:02 PM

I previously ran a home network with just a regular hub and my bandwidth my awesome on both machines(over 300 kb/s downloads). I recently installed a netgear router to replace my little hub and everything went well. However I noticed that my bandwidth has decreased by about half and I cannot figure out why. The regular hub had no switchs built in like the router. You would think the router would be just as fast or even faster, but its about half the speed. Even if my second pc is off, it is still the same. Both machines are 1.4 ghz athlons with 512 mb ddr, so its not the pc's. Any ideas. I'm running win98se. Can I tweak anything in 98se to increase my bandwidth?

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July 13, 2002 3:00:25 PM

one thing that helped in my case was to force the data rate, and full duplexing mode in the NIC properties in the device manager.

I can't explain it or anything, but by the tool I was using Qcheck (or something like that, I can't remember) said I was doing much better than with the Win "auto" settings enabled.
July 13, 2002 3:03:35 PM

PS I just went around and did that to all the PC's on the network, now it hauls.

PPS just remembered that my directions only work for XP, if you have 95, 98, DOS etc. it'll be a little different.

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July 13, 2002 3:32:30 PM

sheesh, maybe I need a little coffee. sorry about all of that, and good luck, eh.