Windows 7 freezes early in installation

I am trying to install windows 7...on a new rig I just build -

(Gigabyte MA790fxt, AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE, Radeon HD 4870, 4gb OCZ ram) I am waiting for my crucial m225 SSD to arrive, and currently want to try win7 out on a spare 64gb IDE Raptor I have lying around. The HDD has win xp loaded, but I can't boot into it. I have the HDD on the same IDE ribbon as a CD/DVD-R. With jumpers set for HDD to be master, CD/DVD-R as slave. It checks out in BIOS. BIOS is flashed to most recent version: f6, and loaded with optimized defaults. Boot Priority as HDD first. Boot sequence: 1st CD/DVD, 2nd USB-HDD, 3rd HDD

I pop in the DVD and wait a few moments for POST...

My system loads the installation for about 5 minutes, and then I am prompted to choose a language / region. I click continue, and am shown "Install Now" "some kind of information" and "repair something", approximately. I click 'Install Now' and the mouse icon changes to a blue spinning circle.

PROBLEM: The circle spins for about 15 minutes and then appears to freeze (I can no longer move the mouse).

I have let it sit for several hours, but still no progress.

Any help would be much appreciated!

(wondering if I should maybe format the HDD with my other system before I try a fresh install. I am accustomed to win xp formatting before it installs...)
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  1. First I would change the boot sequence to CD/DVD 1st HDD 2nd, boot in with the W7 DVD, choose custom install, drive tools and delete the old partition and create a new one, then continue the instalation.
    No need to mess around with the other system to format the drive, W7 will format the drive after the new partition is created when you choose continue instalation.
  2. ok did all of that. Now it's going through the installation, but freezes at expanding files 27%
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    I'd run a memtest, and maybe a chkdisk. Sounds like something is causing the install to lock up...
  4. it was the ram. I forgot AM3 boards try to run it at such a low voltage. I needed to have 1.9v to run 1600mhz
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