A STAR IS BORN: Abit IC7-G Review

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<i><b>Layout/Design 9.5</b> - ABIT has been hard at work for many years giving us great performing and smartly built motherboards. This board is laid out very well with the ATX Power Connector far to the right and out of the way, 4 3-Pin fan headers to provide plenty of cooling and easy access to DIMM slots and IDE ports. Additionally, the turned IDE ports make for easy insertion and routing of IDE cables. Another area where the BH7 lead the way and IC7 has followed suite.

<b>Features 9.5</b> - With the IC7-G you'll get just about everything you need to get the job done. 4 USB Ports (2 additional via hookup), 1 Firewire (2 additional via hookup) Parallel, Serial, 6-Channel Audio, Onboard Gigabit LAN with PS/2 and Keyboard inputs you really can't go wrong. Pack that in with 5 PCI slots, AGP, 2 IDE, Floppy and onboard Onboard Native SATA, for the price, you simply couldn't ask for more.

<b>Tweakability and Overclocking 10</b> - ABIT continues to lead the pack with their SoftMenu™ BIOS Overclocking. With FSB options up to 400+MHz, excellent voltage settings, incredible CPU:DRAM ratio settings, there is more than enough tweakability for even the most demanding PC Enthusiast. ABIT's SoftMenu™ simply can't be beat.

<b>Stability 9.5</b> - The IC7-G is commended for it's stable performance throughout the entire review. Even at 3.5GHz well over it's rated stock speed the IC7-G continued to run smooth.

<b>Documentation and Software 9</b> - ABIT's user manual provides adequate info for setting up, tweaking and troubleshooting your system. Obviously it cannot give you guidance on every encounter you may have, but I believe they did a good job here with both the provided paper manual and documentation on the included CD. The bundled software was certainly adequate as well including all drivers, a few utilities and Hardware Doctor. No frills, but certainly enough to get the job done. The packaging was also well laid out with a nice document folder to keep the software and manuals in. A nice addition to the discerning enthusiast. Not to mention the included ABIT case badge. A nice finishing touch.

<b>Price 9</b> - At $230.00 the IC7-G isn't geared towards your average user. However given the features, chipset and extras you'll get with the IC7-G the price justifies the means. You want to play, you've got to pay.

<b>Performance 10</b> - Currently ABIT takes the desktop performance crown with the IC7-G and Intel 875P Canterwood chipset. You want performance? You'll get it here. You'll be hard pressed to find a motherboard that will give you this type of performance with a properly tweaked BIOS and system. </i>

<b>The newest BIOS fixed the memory timing issue if anyone is wondering. Abit listened to their customers and responded pronto.</b>
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  1. UPDATE: There seems to be a side effect of using the new BIOS having to do with SATA/PATA adaptors. (<A HREF="http://forum.abit-usa.com/showthread.php?s=ad1a2fcaaa8317b76405b1de846f96dd&threadid=9547" target="_new">Read here</A>)
  2. Yes, it affects the ICH5R controller with SATA to PATA adapters. Solutions are to either use SATA drives or wait for Serillel 2 adapters to hit the market.

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