Team Spooky Vixen Bongo Shythed - Hell Hardcore Beckoned

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We should call ourselves "The Untouchables"

It looked like we weren't getting hit at all.

Well as soon as we run inot a Fanatic/Cursed boss pack that might
change. Yeah, the skellies will get hit then. Well maybe we'll take a
few hits too, but of course we'll ahve to be careful.

Rube, Cinne is wonderful for giving up the Demon Machine. If something
should happen to the Ranger, heaven forbid, make sure it finds its way
back to her.

Fortunately Nik did not bother me too much, but I did find myself
occasionally being pleaded with between our ventures out and had to
picj up the PS2 controller for him and move SpongeBob to the next

I have to umpire tonight at 6 Pm so I won't ne on till about 8 - 8:30,
which is around the time we started last night. Even if you guys start
before I get there it will be easy to join in when I arrive. I don't
care ifthe Countess is whomped before I arrive. Just save the Malus for
when I am there.

After Thursday night's venture we will celebrate our survival and Rube
and Cinne can enjoy that nice bike ride. Upon your return we can
venture out again. Summer beckens as well as Hell Hardcore.

Now wasn't that easy?

Hardcore Mantra:

Live Forever of Die Trying

Orion Ryder
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    "~misfit~" <> wrote in message
    [Giant Snip
    > I'll have to see if I can spend more time with you guys this time too. I
    > left for 10 minutes today and got waylaid.

    Yes, we missed you, but we didn't play very long anyway. Cinna was tired
    (we stayed up too late the night before, doing NM Baal runs), and went to
    bed early.

    > Oh, lost Monstermash's running-mate, Munstermush, tonight. (Monstermash
    > lvl
    > 75, Munstermush was lvl 65 and designed to be in games with Monster for
    > looting purposes)
    > I have Monster kitted out in his hell duds, for resist rather than MF, so
    > was MFing with Munster in NM WSK when I got surrounded and lag-spiked.
    > <sigh> Red screen time. And he had an Amn and a Hel in his stash, in fact
    > I
    > don't want to think too hard about what else he had.

    Oh NO! So sorry to hear that. Were you at least able to loot your stuff

    > </sarcasm> Curse you guys for getting me into hardcore!!! Softcore seems
    > so
    > damn tame now but my bloody connection isn't really up to the demands of
    > HC.
    > <sarcasm/>

    [Big EVIL Grin]

    > I started a HC Bowazon after the death, didn't play for long, just to
    > level
    > 12, got Cain. I'll have to get another necro up there too again. As I'm
    > out
    > of synch with you guys time-zone-wise I need a character in the game who
    > can
    > do the loot thing if my connection decides to play up.

    If your connection is doubtful, the bowazon would be a good one to work on,
    as a character loss at those low levels is far less painful that one that's
    earned it's way to late nightmare or worse yet, somewhere in hell.

    > Might catch you in the morning (or tonight as far as you're concerned)
    > with
    > Monstermash for a trip through hell. Actually I've already completed act 1
    > but quite enjoy going through again with you guys. The beauty of going
    > over
    > ground again is you might get to find some resist charms. (Damn!! Just
    > remembered, Munster had just found three resist SCs, all 7 or better).

    OUCH. That hurts to lose those nice charms. But that's the way of it in
    hardcore. Hard to find, easy to lose :-)

  2. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    ~misfit~ wrote:
    > ~misfit~ wrote:
    > > Orion Ryder wrote:
    > >>
    > >> OUCH! Even with a pack of skellies a lag spike can be long enough
    > >> do you in? Ah man! That's not right!
    > >
    > > Man, my lag-spikes can be long enough to make a cup of coffee.
    > >
    > > It is almost gauranteed suicide if I try to play HC between the
    > > of 2:30pm and 11:30pm. All the kids get home from school and bog
    > > our single pissy little wire out of NZ.
    > >
    > > And yet still I try to play during those hours sometimes.
    > It's 2am now and I've been playing SC for the last 2 1/2 hours,
    waiting for
    > Bnet to get better. Man, wicked lag. Four deaths and two dumps. I'm
    going to
    > bed to finish my book (Great book BTW, "The Scar" by China Mieville
    (sp?) )
    > No HC for misfit tonight. And I was hoping to get some PGs together
    > Bongo.
    > --
    > ~misfit~


    Well I hope you are able to make it to the Wrecking Crew game today to
    continue our jaunt through HC Hell act 2. You will have some good
    backup with you. Duriel must die!

    Orion Ryder
  3. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    ~misfit~ wrote:
    > Orion Ryder wrote:
    > >
    > > OUCH!
    > >
    > > Well I hope you are able to make it to the Wrecking Crew game today
    > > continue our jaunt through HC Hell act 2. You will have some good
    > > backup with you. Duriel must die!
    > As you know by now I missed it. Haven't played HC for a couple days,
    > connection has been terrible.
    > --
    > ~misfit~

    Ahoy! We didn't finish act 2. Spook was tired and needed to catch some
    good sleep. They will be off the realms for a liitle while. But look
    for Kasmir if you are in act 3 NM. He could really use a hand. That's
    Kasmir1, Kasmir2 and he might have my chanter KasmirOrionCaal. Party up
    and get him through act 3 if possible, maybe even big D. Keep in mind
    he might need some better gear. He does not know all the nooks and
    crannies like us. If you come across a scutum remind him to pick it up
    and get it socketed and to pop 3 Pdiamonds into it.

    Sheesh! Listen to me. You prolly won;t even run into him.

    I'll see you when you get a chance to play. I'm glad you are taking a
    break until your server gets back into a better mood. I hate to read
    about these undeserving "deeds of Valor"

    Orion Ryder
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