Is it worth getting games on steam? What if they will shut down? Will I be able to use my games? They say the games dont belong to me.
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  1. Yes it's worth it. It's much easier than popping to the shop, generally same price (or cheaper), and the games auto-update. Steam have said that if they close down for whatever reason they'll release a way to stay playing your games.

    Still, Steam's just getting more and more popular so I doubt they'll be stopping any time soon.
  2. Ok, I realized that they are selling cod 4 game of the year edition. In game (UK GAMES STORE) cod 4 normal is 30 quid and game of the year edition 18. What shall I do coz on steam game of the year edition is 30.
  3. Could I possibly make it mine, steam if I add that cod thingy on steam?
  4. I just started using Steam when I got Half Life 2. I just purchased Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition Through Steam for only $5 dollars! As long as they keep letting me play my games if they go under, I'm fine with it.
  5. I just started using steam this weekend - typical I chose the weekend where loads of people were having problems with the shopping cart -thankfully there's a workaround....

    Steam have said they'll make the games playable if they ever go under, but by my reckoning if and when that ever happens, you'll be unlikely to still be playing your back catalogue anyways....

    It also lets you pre-download games so you can activate and play them the minute they're released which is nice, and you can play them on multiple computers, and reinstall easily if you ever reformat your hdd, which is nice.....
  6. Steam kicks ass but I feel downloadable games should generally cost less as it costs less to distribute than packaged games. Downloading large games can also be time consuming and it would be a nice incentive if the games were a bit cheaper.
  7. Weekend deals ftw!
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