FS: Galaxy GTX 480 Super OC Cheap! $270 shipped

What's up Tom's Hardware geeks, nerds, and average computer users. :) (No offense intended, I agree I am the first two too!)

Today I have a Galaxy GTX 480 Super OC'ed version for sale. It is factory overclocked from the reference, and is a beast when it comes to gaming.

I have used it for a little less than a month, and have to unfortunately give it away as I have decided to get rid of my desktop and move on to something more portable, like a laptop.

The graphic card is extremely cool (it is at 35 degrees Celsius) running at the lowest RPM possible. It is fairly quiet, and comes with a modified cooler so that the card remains cool even when you are doing anything graphic intense.

I am thinking $270 shipped, but am open to offers. The card is HUGE by the way, so the shipping will knock off quite a bit from the $270, so hopefully someone's willing to take it at that.

Everything that came with it, goes directly to you.

Below is the full specs with a stock photo of it.

At the interest of the buyer, I am more than willing to reveal to the buyer my personal information to keep this transaction as safe as possible.

Chipset: NVIDIA GeForce
GPU Series: NVIDIA GeForce 400
Max Digital Resolution: 2560x1600
Memory Type: GDDR5
Video Memory: 1536MB
Stream Processors: 480J
Core Clock: 760 MHz
Memory Clock: 3800 MHz
Shader Clock: 1520 MHz
Connectors: Dual DVI / HDMI
APIs: NVIDIA CUDA / DirectX 11 / Shader Model 5 / Open GL 3.2 / OpenCL / DirectCompute 5.0
1080p Support: Yes
Video Output: DVI / HDMI
Cooling Type: Fan
SLI: Yes

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  2. Hey still availalbe??? I want to purchase asap!
  3. Mousemonkey said:
    The title of this topic has been edited by Mousemonkey

    Hey, this is in regards to a post about a Galaxy GTX 480 there any way to obtain the members email to contact him about the card? Would be a great help considering I really want to purchase his card!

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