AX34 AX34 II AX34U, AX 6BC, add serial #'s to BIOS

Has anyone ever heard of a way to add a system's serial number to the BIOS of one of these PII/PIII motherboards?

I want to track a large amount of (800+) systems over the network and I am looking for a way to add my systems' serial numbers to each of my machines in a way that I can read it from a Windows network and that it won't be deleted if I have to reimage it.

Some of the suggestions outside I have received have been to

a)add a text file to each system and then make sure that file get's put back if the PC crashes and needs imaging/new HDD.

b) Track each machine by MAC address. I am worried that if a NIC card breaks, a field tech may not properly update the database with the new MAC, leading to confusion later on.

c)put the serial number and other relavent info on a seperate, tiny partition, and then either make sure that partition gets replaces correctly after each image or new HDD, or make sure that partition is protected somehow.

anyone have any ideas or tried to implement something similar? So far I have received negative answers from several vendors as whether I can modify their BIOSs to include serial numbers.
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  1. You could put the serial number in the model number line of BIOS using modbin, than use a BIOS code reader to retrieve it from windows.

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  2. Thanks for the idea! I didn't know about modbin.
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