Game pad issue with oblivion

i cant get my logitech dual game pad to perform any look functions with the right control stick.
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  1. The PC version of Oblivion never had good gamepad support. Thats one of the main reasons I ended up buying the 360 version. Check the bethesda forums, there are work arounds for the issues but I never could get things working enough to make it worth using a gamepad with.
  2. Or... XPADDER!


    youtube tutorial

    this wonderful program lets you use a gamepad with anything, hell, i use it as my mouse!

    Anyway, it's basically a keyboard emulator, in that you assign keys to your gamepad.

    Example: logitech dual action controller the Triggers would be the mouse buttons...

    You don't need to shy away from PC gaming because of the supposed lack of gamepad support, this fills the gaps for everything.
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