Just built PC, looking for games new and old

I just built my new PC and im looking for games to buy. I havent gamed on a PC in about 5-6 years so theres a good time frame where im looking for games from. The last PC game i bought was WoW, for my laptop.

The computer is an i7 920, 6gb ddr3, and a nvidia 9800gt.

I know about most of the recent games like fallout3, crysis, empire total war, and left 4 dead. All the game threads cover those and a couple of others as well. I'd like to go back a little bit. I saw people recommending The Orange Box and The Whitcher, both of them are on list to buy.

Im not a big fan of FPS, but ill pick one up now and then. I really like good RPG and RTS games.

So what are some of the games from the past couple years that you guys like? What should i definitely have? I like MMOs but im under the impression that the only doing well is WoW.
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  1. There are loads of good RPGs and RTS's about, check any good gamesite like gamespot or gamershell.
  2. If you want old games, why did you get a 9800GT?

    Anyway try counter strike source, GTA San Andreas, Burnout, Roller coaster tycoon 3 - its good, fifa, pga tour, madden, Harry potter etc. You wanted strategy and role playing.
  3. He said he wants old and new since he has not gamed on PC in a few years.

    If you have not played "Company Of Heroes", buy it along with the expansion and throw out all those other silly RTS games :)

    Maybe a little extreme buy COH is the best RTS I have played in years and is still my top pick.

    RPG's - I am still liking mount and blade, although it's a little rough around the edges there is alot of fun to be had in that game.

    If you have not played STALKER shadow of chernobyl I would at least give it a try. It's a shooter with a bit of RPG aspect and is fantastic.
  4. Orange Box is IMO the best value bunch of first class games on the market!
  5. Ill look into company of heroes. I never heard of that.

    I had the 9800GT, i was going to buy a GTX285 but i figure ill wait til i need it first.

    Ive been hearing a lot about this mount and blade on here. Im gonna download that trial this week and see how it is. What about any other MMORPGs? I was trying to look at the review sites to see whats recommended but its tricky when we're going back years.

    Ill check out that stalker game too. Thanks tripps.

    No other RPGs that stand out?
  6. Titan Quest (with the expantion) is a damn good RPG...hack n slash style in the Diablo 2 vein. Some 36 classes and 3 levels of difficulty, loads of unique items and a full community with mods supporting the game at www.titanquest.net
    You can prolly get TQ:IT for about a tenner and it will set you up for many hours if its your sort of game.
    Theres a new one coming out as well called "Last Remnant" that looks half decent, made by Square Enix and apparantly is a poor mans Final Fantasy. Better than no Final Fantasy though! :D

    The 9800 GT is fine for gaming. Its not amazing but will see you through most if not all titles when backed up with an i7.
  7. Yeah. All i have right now is fallout 3 and its streaming at 75fps, 65 outside so i cant complain. Doesnt get much better. I'll prolly upgrade just prior to SC2 in november if thats necessary. Not sure if ill even need to for that though.

    I never heard of titan quest. Ill definitely look that up. It sounds like its right up my ally. Thats why i started this thread because id never find mount and blade or titan quest or stalker or any of those games on gamespot or whatever.

    I really want to find a good mmo besides WoW, again. Im waiting for SWTOR but i bet that doesnt even come until next year. I like RTS games but im always disappointed because they dont live up to Starcraft 1. However, i hear good things about Empire total war. I mean im on top of all the games coming this year and next, but i dont know anything about what came in the last 3-4 years.
  8. For RTS, PLEASE look into Company of Heroes. It is the premier RTS of this current generation. It's hard to describe just how amazing it is, but after playing it it's hard to play other RTS's simply because you have tasted greatness and just get frustrated by everything else.

    The Orange Box is another must have. Half Life is one of the greatest shooters ever, TF2 isn't really my thing but I enjoy it, and Portal is an epic game (anyone whose played it knows). I would pay 20 dollars for TF2, 50 for the Half Lifes, and maybe 15 for Portal, but if I'm correct the Orange Box sells for 30?

    I don't like MMO's, so I can't make any good reccomendations there but I'm hoping the new KOTOR one will be good.

    Also, I haven't played ETW but I love the others in the series and have heard that one is the best, so that is probably worth it if you like the Total War Style. Before that though, get Company of Heroes+Opposing Fronts (30 dollars).
  9. I have to agree with others, Orange Box is a great value (quality and cost). Recently bought it myself for about 20.

    I just started playing LotRO. Great MMO and RPG representing classic fantasy and a great story. Game performs excellent and beautiful graphics.

    Some other good games... Far Cry (solid FPS game, wont be disappointed). I enjoyed Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends (cool RTS). Guild Wars is a good MMO, with no monthly fee.

    Good luck in your gaming ventures. :pt1cable:
  10. If your into FPS id recommend CoD4 or CoD5 (cod4 my personal pref), Far Cry 2 is pretty good, Crysis, BioShock wasn't too bad either, or like someone sayed the orange box is extremely fun too. As for RTS i would recommend World of Conflict: Soviet Assault, wouldn't got anywhere near Red Alert 3 cause its really cartoonish and the gameplay i just don't like it. Warcraft 3 is another one of my favs and/or C&C3: Tiberium Wars is pretty good. As for MMOs if you want a really good gameplay WoW is the one for you, howerver if you're happy to pay a monthly fee and if you have the time to play for the money your paying WoW is really a nice MMO. On the other hand Guild Wars has a kinda worse gameplay than WoW however there is no playtime fee. Hope that helped.
  11. I enjoyed LOTRO for abit, the lack of good PVP turned me off after time. For questing and community I enjoyed it plenty. Maybe I should go back and see if monster play has been tuned.

    Guild Wars for the price is a good game, not much fun without a group of friends though.

    Warhammer online is a well built fantastic game that suffers from lack of community. Everything about that game was well done imo, but nobody talked :(

    And yeah, if you like online team based FPS then L4D is fantastic. It is repetetive in a Counterstrike kind of way, meaning it's like online crack and once you get a taste you will forsake all others for many months.
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