PC Freezes When Playing Chess Games

Hello all and thanks for any help in advance! I am posting this in this section because I believe it may be Windows 7 related.

When running either Fritz 12 or Chessmasters Grandmaster Edition my system freezes.The HD indicator light turns off and all system functions halt. I cannot adjust the brightness, move mouse, ctrl alt del, or anything else. I am forced to hard restart the system.

The system freezes at the same event, for Fritz 12 the freeze occurs as soon as the game loads, and for Chessmaster after my first move.

I am running an ASUS G73-JH gaming rig that meets system requirements for both games. Drivers are up to date, as is Windows 7 updates.

Any idea what is causing my system to freeze? I am thinking it has to do with the chess engines/processor interaction, but that i only a guess.....

Thanks again in advance.
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  1. When you restart your machine, are there any errors in the Event Log?
  2. None, I have used the Reliability feature in Windows and there is no error.

    I just restarted Win 7 with no services loaded and the game works. Unfortunately I have to sift through the infinite amount of Windows services now. I will start with third party ones i suppose. Any advice?

    Problem Identified - Windows Audio Service - When disabled the games run fine.

    Any suggestions on how to avoid disabling W.A> Service?
  3. Make sure your sound drivers are up to date.
  4. Windows claims my drivers are up to date but I'm not so sure. They are from 2009. Here are the driver details

  5. The Asus site shows a 12/28/09 Realtek driver:


    Try that one.
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