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Last response: in Video Games
April 9, 2009 12:53:16 AM

oh my gosh!!! im gonna go insane!! im at the deserted hospital level and for some reason all my saved games are corrupted and can play for about 10 seconds then it crashes right to my desktop and gives me no crash error report!!! >: (
im sooooo far in the game and want to finish it!! i looked in the logs file and this is what it says:

[error]Expression : m_available_count
[error]Function : CID_Generator<unsigned int,unsigned char,unsigned short,unsigned char,unsigned short,0,65534,256,65535,0>::tfGetID
[error]File : e:\priquel\sources\engine\xrgame\id_generator.h
[error]Line : 92
[error]Description : Not enough IDs

what does that mean?!?!? i patched the game as soon as i got it, and even tryed the fixedscripts thing as well.... im about to tear my hair out becuase i cant play it!!! someone, PLEASE help me out!!!
April 9, 2009 1:18:29 AM

oh come on!! can SOMEBODY help me please??? :( (
April 9, 2009 1:44:31 AM

First - have some patience. Most of us have this thing called "a life" whereby we can't be keeping an eye on every single section of the forum simultaneously 24 hours a day.

The game's official forums would be a better place to get help for that, I'm not seeing anything obvious in what you pasted to point out what's wrong.

Just a tip - if you do go posting over there, use less punctuation, and turn off Caps Lock when typing your thread title. It makes it more pleasant to read and increases the chances you'll get a response. Some people thinks all caps stand out, but really I'll notice a correctly typed title much quicker than an all caps one, years of forum browsing has trained me to just not see all-cap or "leetspeak" thread titles. You're lucky I spotted yours ;)