Anyone running Heroes III and IV on Vista 64?

I bought this bundle that has both games, all 6 exp packs, and it says its vista compatible but its giving me the cdd.dll screen when i load it.

I set the compatibilty to xp sp 2 and administrator mode, same thing.

What are some other options?
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  1. I've seen a lot of people wonder how to run Heroes on Vista 64 online. Some can't get it to run, while others can. THe only suggestion I can think of is to check if all your hardware drivers are updated to run on Vista 64. If not, let me know if updating fixes the problem (or not).
  2. Well, i just updated drivers pretty much the other day. I dont have the 185s.

    But what i dont get is how games like this wont run, yet another oldie i fired up, Icewind Dale, went flawlessly. It just is odd.
  3. I know what you mean. When I first went to Vista, something as old as X-COM worked perfectly (the copy I had was patched for Win 2000). But a more recent game (forgot which unfortunately) wouldn't want to.

    I suggest you keep fiddling with your settings and looking around for more solutions. Failing that, you might want to even consider a dual-OS setup. Sorry I couldn't be of much help.
  4. Whats interesting is i went to a forum dedicated to MM and the Heroes games...and it seems for some reason, IV is just not doable on vista 64 at all. And yea i know what you mean, some old games fire right up...ive got a few that just worked nicely.

    Im curious about that dual os setup, whats the deal with that? Also, they have no programs like dosbox for windows games?
  5. AFAIK, none. The one's I've seen online look a bit sketchy.

    Running more than one OS on the same machine usually requires creating one partition on your hard disk per OS. Here are two great articles from APC: (if Vista's already installed and you want to install XP)

    Make sure to prepare all the XP drivers for your hardware before doing this, and don't forget to back-up! Let us know how it goes if you decide to do this :)
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