Bf with vista

hi i am just woundering if it is possble to play battlefiled 1942 on vitsa buissness 32 bit can anyone help me cheers
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  1. cant see why not but try this demo to be sure
  2. BF2 works fine. Install game. Install Special Forces (If required). Install patch 1.41. Update punkbuster (PBSetup.exe from punkbuster website.)
  3. Yep works fine for me!
  4. well when i play bf1942 it loads to the black b2942 screen and then bounces back to desktop
  5. 1942 was good but desert combat was better, so why bother? Go straight to BF2 and gogogogo! And it definitely works on vista, i was playin last nite!
    Im waitin for my battlefield heroes beta key at mo......
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