25.5" monitor too big, what can i do?

I bought an asus 25.5" monitor when i built my new computer. I think its too big. Its hurting my eyes when im reading text or its too close to my face. I cant seem to find a medium where both are ok.

Does anyone have a solution to this? Did i make a big mistake buying such a big monitor?
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  1. You could try decreasing resolution, decreasing (or was it increasing?) the DPI setting, or you could use CTL + Mouse Wheel Up to make text bigger...
  2. bigger is not better, it is bigger, your eyes cannot adjust to it cuz it's too close, increasing the resolution MIGHT work, but the video card probably won't display 1990x 1600 or larger with any performance, lower resolution and farther away
  3. Quote:
    Move the monitor backwards.

    ....or sit further away
  4. If he needs the text smaller, do the exact opposite of what I initally recommended...
  5. It depends from person person. I am using 19" monitor myself and would like something bigger. I have tried playing on 100"+ projector, 50" plasma and 26" LCD. They all seem too big for me. I think best for me would be 20-22" but some people will say that You need 30"+
  6. Make sure you are running the monitor at its native resolution. What resolution are you running and what does the monitor support?
  7. I mean i know move the monitor closer or sit farther away or whatever. If i sit too far away i cant see the text. If i sit too close, the screen is too large. So moving the monitor closer or farther or sitting closer or farther gets me nowhere. I explained that in the OP right?

    Gamerk whats the DPI? Im not familiar with that.

    Right now im running 1680x1050. I had it at the 1900 setting but that was too small. I think im gonna go even bigger than what its at now.

    Does anyone have a 25.5" monitor and if so how far away is it from you?
  8. DPI is the size of the text that is displayed on the screen. You can change it under Control Panel - Display - Settings - Advanced.
  9. yarrr, higher resi = more DPI
  10. Definitely your problem is the DPI settings so you can either decrease your resolution if your monitor supports any lower than that or raise your DPI settings as explained above.

    You can also go to your desktop and right click on a blank space, then click on "properties" then click on "settings" then "advance" and there you can find the DPI settings so you get bigger fonts.
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