A VERY bad stroke of luck, in need of a gaming mouse at a good price

Well, a short sob story, and then on to the WTB post

Last week, my car got hit in a church parking lot, $1300, and they left no note. Shortly after, it was broken into and "looted" for everything I had, including laptop, 2 500gb external hard drives, mouse, and all accessories that go along with it, and sadly my golf clubs. ABOUT $1400 worth of electronics and I do not want to even think about the clubs haha. Being as I came back from college with $3.53, I now have quite the dilemma.

I have replaced everything lost with the exception of the hard drives and the gaming mouse. I really had no idea how important a mouse was until I used one that cost $7.99. I figured this would be a good place to ask, since it seems people on this forum roll through equipment like crazy.

Lookin for a good, cheap gaming mouse, and I do not mind one bit if it is used. PM me if you got somethin!

Thanks guys
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  1. I use a Razer Salmosa. 1800dpi with 1000HZ I don't really know what that means but it's a decent DPI and its a simple 3 button mosue with a mouse wheel.

    I really wish it had ONE side button or anything because you can't change sensitivity AND have the Mouse3 without toggling between two by manually clicking in the razer's driver page.

    But it is cheap. I'm not sure but the Logitech MX 518 is on sale for $30 at newegg and $35 @
  2. recomended from PCGame:


    Logitech MX518
    1800 DPI

    Logitech G500
    5700 DPI

    Razer Naga
    5600 DPI

    Cyborg R.A.T. 7
    5600 DPI
  3. I got a Razor Lachesis I'll sell for $25. Still works great andthere aren't any signs of wear and tear. I'll refund as well.
  4. I have a Razer Pro|Click V1.6. 7 Buttons, blue LED's, white body.

    I would be willing to let it go for $20.
  5. I could sell you a logitech g500 (very lightly used, I'm serious) for $30 plus $5 shipping.
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