High end pc but slow slow games?

I have a new pc with a pretty fresh install of windows vista. these are my specs

GTX 260 OC
3g ddr2 ram
Gigabyte S-Series Motherboard
Intel Pentium D dual core 2.80GHZ

If you need more specs just ask, but my issue is that this is a high end pc, my graphics card is better than the 9800 in the ps3 and lets just say , the ps3 is still way ahead in preformance. But why???? My pc doesnt run games at any higher framerates higher than 25 fps and only sometimes. Even when i set all the gfx to lowest on grid it still lags like insanity.
The games i am trying to play are

Farcry 2 (SO SO LAGGY 6fps maybe! and it came with the damn video card!)
Fallout 3
even Halflife 2 lags a bit

Can someone please help... I dont want to waste 250$, on top of the 1,300$ allready put into this pc, for a new processor if there is anything else i can do. Thank you in advance.
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  1. A Pentium D dual core is LOW END, bottom of the Barrel!!! Your motherboard is way lowend as well as your ram.


    Depending on your board your ram is 667 or 533, wich is old/slow, and you dont have very many ugrades available over you cpu due to old chipset of the motherboard. You cant use any of the 1333FSB CPUS that are "HIGH END"

    Your GPU is the only highend part you got and the motherboard,processo,r and ram you got is worth like $170 max, so if you paid $1300 you got raped!!!!
  2. lol check it.

    Gigabyte S-Series GA-P35-DS3L ,quad core optimized, and fsb 1333 support. ITs not the chipset =). But thank you . I was sure it was the processor but i just want to be sure sure sure before i go and spend some moola on an upgrade
  3. Good news on the FSB 1333 then.
  4. Did you install the video card drivers?
  5. Yes i installed the latest ones, then went back a driver or a few because of compatibility issues. But that didnt help .
  6. How's the cooling on your machine?
    Vista 32 or x64?
    Patch the games?
    Power Supply Unit info?
  7. Yep, time for a new CPU if you want good FPS for those games. I don't see anyway around it. I hope you didn't pay $1300 for that CPU/PC combination recently.
  8. Pentium D is simply outdated. You have the definition of a CPU bottleneck.
  9. Well thats really relieving. I was hoping it wasnt a problem with the rest of the pc. But i dont know exactly how much the whole thing was but i estimate about at most $1200.
    My psu is a BFG 680w umm i dont remember exactly the model. i will edit when i get home. But Im sure its all about the cpu.

    Would the fact that sometimes even if i am getting 60 fps , the screen has random and slightly frequent but irritating freezing issues. Like it pauses for half a second and keeps going. I never notice that on game consoles.? Is it inevitable for a pc to lag some? I mean the graphics card in my pc is quite a bit better than a ps3 but it still lags signifigantly where the ps3 is all fun and smooth.

    My cpu runs at about 45 degrees celcius. It runs way cool for a pentium d lol. Beauty of adjustable fan speeds.
  10. auxiusvorg

    greetings from the philippines. my gaming rig has the ff specs:

    Intel Corei7 920
    xfx X58i Mobo
    12 GB RAM Kingston DDR3
    1 TB Samsung SATA HD
    Samsung SyncMaster K 2494HS 23.6" HDMI
    Gigabyte G-Power II Pro GH-PSU23-PB
    Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570 Black
    MSI R4850-2D512-OC
    Vista Ultimate x64 optimized for gaming

    Bought this rig for PhP85,000 (USD1,700.00). If you bought your rig for 1500 bucks then you were rigged! Far Cry 2, COD 4, COD WaW, Bioshock, etc. all at high settings min 40 fps in my machine. Crysis Warhead though is really a headache. My machine can only handle the high settings! I plan to buy another Radeon card for crossfire.

    Jet the Man
  11. did you turn off all the necessary applications that are runningin the background of your pc. what i mean is like fire wall and anti virus running at the same time while playing your games... something like that, got my point???
  12. Guys:


    Also, since he uses 3GB RAM, its unlikely he's running Dual Channel, which will also hurt his performance.
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