[FOUND] 2X EVGA GTX 460 1 gig - ( TR - EE )

WANTED : EVGA GTX 460 1 GIG - ( TR, EE )

EVGA is my preference, Not looking for new ones.
Bare cards are fine also.

Send PM for what your asking.
Thanks. :hello:
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  1. What's a bear card?
  2. lol How yah been Malmental, I didn't use spell check lol I meant Bare card
  3. Quote:
    do you mean OEM cards.?


    I build that small system also that you and some others helped me with from here when I first joined, It runs great.
    Building up a better system now.
    Also, Regretting selling my XFX 6950 and 460's a bit back,
  4. Yep, Sold the 6950 because it was just sitting, ( But like you said , To late now lol )
    I had ( Have ) a DELL 530, Wanted more punch, E7300 to E8600, 220 to EVGA GTX 460, 300PSU to Corsair HX 650 and Went to Ballistic 6400 4 gigs by recommendation,
    That DELL was playing everything after the upgrade, Black Ops, BF2BC etc... Only problem was I couldn't OC the CPU. ( Ring a Bell? ) You guys help allot of people on here, So you probably won't remember.
    Have another member also helping, Guidance,

    What I have now

    i 2500k
    Gskill 4 gig
    And other things..
    and looking to go SLI

    I game allot. So FPS is a big factor for me,

    I had no Idea the GTX 560 was equal. May search for one of those also ( Alternative?).
  5. Thanks once again Malmental,
    I just found a GTX 570 for 289.00 ( Have to email him see if its still available) I'll check back and pull this if it is. :)

    As always, Great help :sol:
  6. Found a 570, Thanks all and Malmental!
  7. Quote:
    nice, I'm jealous.. :kaola:

    lol Your recommendation , :pt1cable:

    ( I can tell your a Bulldoser fan :kaola: :hello:
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