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how do i get a bacward compatibility disk
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  1. you get a standard compatibility disk and turn it around.....

    seriously it'd help if you told us what it was you were trying to make compatible with what....
  2. First you need to get your hands on a Dreamcast dev console, since DC discs are burnt and read from outside to inside, backwards from what normal discs do.

    Then you need to get your hands on the compatibility disc will_chellam mentioned.

    After that, you need to develop a program that will invert every bit of the disc, if it's a 1, it'll become a 0, and vice versa.

    After that, re-compile, and burn it using the dreamcast dev console.

    Once that's done, print off a label, and using glue, stick it to the data side of the disc so that the adhesive of the label faces outwards.

    There you have it, a backwards compatibility disc.
  3. Hmmm I feel like I've encountered someone very similar to this... could be the same person with a new profile...

    Just buy a special CD crack that would let you view the CD in the old style 0's and 1's, and then simply switch every single number around. Theoretically, this would create a situation where the disk could be read forwards but be turned backwards, completely bypassing the method will_chellam invented. Eureka!
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