Max PII-CPU on Abit LX-6C (i440LX chipset)

Hi All,

Newbie here.

I've spent the last couple of weeks trawling through newgroups on my quest to improve the performance of my Abit LX6C mobo.

I've patched the BIOS so my 40Gb HD is recognized.

Using my Intel PII-233, I've set the FSB to 75MHz to
overclock the processor at 268MHz. The machine's actually stable at 291MHz using an FSB of 83MHz, but I'll not keep the machine at this until I improve the case's cooling.

My question then: without using a slotket-based processor, what's the maximum Intel slot 1 PII-CPU the board will take? The 300MHz as in the manual, or the 333MHz, or higher?

Cheers for any help,

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  1. I have a $150 dollar rig I can sell you that will blow that one out of the water. The only salvagable part is likely the hard drive, and not that unless it is 7200 RPM UDMA ATA100. PM me for details on the rig.

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  2. The 333. Or you can use a slot-1 Celeron up to 400MHz. The Celeron 400 Slot 1, overclocked to 75MHz bus/450MHz, is your best solution (without using slotkets).

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