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If you have a LAN party and charge for use of the video game that you supply, how do you go about getting a license agreement to do this since the End User License Agreement prohibits the commercial use of these games without permission? I'm getting a brick wall trying to contact Bungie, LLC for Halo 3.

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  1. No idea, but maybe speak to another company who do LAN's and see how they handle it. They might not help of courseas you would be competition but if you arent treading on their toes you might speak to someone decent and get some good advice.

    I would guess that unless the LAN company is pretty big then they probably dont bother with such licensing as you are paying for each individual copy at retail prices anyway are you not?
  2. I'm still trying to contact companies. Several use a service called iGames which does licensing but not for mobile LAN business which is what I'm looking at. Still working at it.
  3. I would say it's all in how you charge customers. As long as you have legit copies for each machine being used you should be able to find a way to charge people without actually charging them to play any specific game. It might just be as simple as charging for hardware use and not for playing a game.

    Just realized you are talking mostly about consoles. In that case you may just want to look into buying rental copies/licenses. You should be able to get info how to get them from any local video store. Then you are just charging rental fees except that the games never leave your store. Not a bad idea.
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