How Would You Improve Steam?

I'm more or less happy with my Steam experience, except for a few things:

The Buggy Steam Client. How many times has your client froze on start-up, updating, or closing down? It's really irritating when you can't jump into a group game because your waiting for the client to load, desperately trying to find out why it's locking up. You'd think Valve would do a better job with the Steam Client, since its the foundation for their entire lucrative gaming and content providing platform.

Downloads or Retails Only. Can't some games—at an additional cost—provide the option to actual game media shipped to the customer's location? Even if connection speeds (and connectivity rates) are going up everyday, the overnight shipping of a 4GB game may actually be faster than downloading all that massive content.

Region-Specific Games. I eagerly told my friend about the X-COM Complete Pack (nothing beats the first game of this classic retro series), telling him to buy it. Unfortunately, the game wasn't available from where he was. Why limit games to specific regions? The entire catalog should be available all over!

I hope Steam improves things by resolving the above issues. What else would you want to see done? :)
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  1. Ability to transfer screenshots.

    Improved/more content servers for faster downloads.
  2. Ohh this is probably something i just cant see the option for but...

    Opening screenshots of games i want to purchase in my default browser! (Firefox)
    FYI Steam boots up IE every time :/
  3. Oh yeah, good point about Steam's reliance on IE, and not your default browser. Just before I thought I'd finally have an IE-free working environment, here comes Steam and Outlook Web Access to spoil everything. :sweat:

    Also, I just don't get it, what's wrong with a one game, one price system? I remember how some European users were pissed when Steam priced games in Euros... equal to the dollar amount (i.e., no conversion at all!)
  4. One of the bigger things for me is that I can't manually tell Steam to search for a game update. I know that Steam does everything autmatically and I'm probably just paranoid, but it would be nice to just right click a game and then search for updates. Currently, the most you can do (at least as far as I know) is to see what updates there are regardless of if or when you downloaded them.

    The other issue I have is when Steam has to download multiple things for different games it tries to do it all at once when I only need one to play the game I want. I go and pause all the other downloads, but can't seem to restart them without exiting Steam first, and even then it says the game is ready until I try to play it, where it then starts to re-download whatever it needed to. This is where I'm coming from when I want to just right click and re-search for updates manually.

    Lastly, I also agree with the two previous issues of always opening in IE and Steam freezing too much.
  5. +1 for IE.

    Also, I always seem to have issues adding friends who I know in person and am trying to find outside of the group/friends-of-friends context. Even when they've emailed me friend requests I can't seem to add them.
  6. Also, can't believe nobody's said this, but I REALLY wish that I could add any game (provided you can buy it on Steam) that I have bought retail to My Games. I can't tell you how annoying it is to have bought lets say Company of Heroes retail years ago and not be able to add it to Steam even though I could have bought it on Steam. I'm very glad they let you unlock UE3 if you had it retail, but they should make it that way with ALL games currently offered for sale.
  7. I would like the ability to sell my purchased game or get a refund whenever I want after I purchased it. That way if you don't like the game or beat it or get sick of it it's not a total loss.
  8. Well, perhaps look at that suggestion another way.
    Its not totally necessary as we get demo's for every major release but some kind of cut price 30 day rental fee of a full game would be pretty cool.
  9. I also think Steam should open an affiliate marketing program. Imagine how much could be made if you can convince [del]idiots[/del] people to get 18 Wheels of Steel American Long Haul.

    Seriously, I'd love to convince more people to join the L4D community and make a little money of it. :D
  10. ......WHY in the world would you even make a thread like this? as if any improvements would be made.

    There's so many other things to Improve, and pick something minor like steam??....

    improvement is a practical objective, not a theoretical, hypothetical, _pointless_ one
  11. It's funny... everyone I know has horror stories about the Steam client. It's never crashed once for me. In fact, it works flawlessly. I've been running it on two machines for about two years, and never had any issue with it.

    pr2thej said:
    Ohh this is probably something i just cant see the option for but...

    Opening screenshots of games i want to purchase in my default browser! (Firefox)
    FYI Steam boots up IE every time :/

    I know, I hate that. At least the low-res trailer plays in Steam.

    Thing is, steam is built around IE7. Prove it to yourself: connect to steam, then disconnect from internet. Refresh steam store page. It'll give you an out-of-place looking blue/white 'page cannot be displayed' error. You'll recognize it from IE.

    Also, it always bugs me that you can't block those pop-up alerts about events. All the groups I'm in use events, and they're useful. I just wish it prompted the same bottom-right corner popup that friend logins create (the one which goes away after 3secs).

    One more (minor) annoyance: I wish they'd post a game's original release date as well as the "released on steam" date. I just got on today and did a double-take for a second: "whoa, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time came out in 2008??"....
  12. I'd like the ability to ban myself from Steam Mondays-Fridays... I haven't done homework in an entire term... too many zombies...
  13. Hehe, I like going on expert runs and playing until 1am.
  14. lol @ bed by 8 good luck with that
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