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I have an Athlon 2400+ sitting in a 3 year old Gigabyte 7DXR motherboard. Everything is still running fine (XP/Mandrake 10), but the chipset fan has failed and this board only includes usb 1.1 ports.

I thought about getting a usb2 add-on card, but it's nearly impossible to find one that has internal header pins for the front ports on my case (Lian-Li).

So I've decided to replace my motherboard. I can spend $50 or a little more. My requirements are linux friendly onboard sound, lan and usb2.

Can anyone give me some feedback on solid socket a boards for linux? I don't have a strong desire to use a custom kernel, but I can if necessary. I won't be overclocking, and I only game occasionally.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. 2.6 kernels will get all of that working pretty much by default, but you may have trouble setting up the sound on nforce based motherboards. Pretty much anything else will work fine though.

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  2. Nvidia has very good Linux drivers.

    I recommend ABIT NF7 v2.0

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  3. For video yes, but they're complete shyte for everything else. Soundstorm has absolutely no nvidia driver for it at all. Neither does their network adapter. Thank god one of the onboard NICs on mine runs off of a 3com chip or else I'd be screwed.

    Wanna know what sound driver you have to use to get any kind of audio with nforce2? snd-intel8x0. No hardware mixing (one sound at a time), no DD.

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